Error’d: Really Secure WPA

"I appreciate that TeamViewer gives me an option to update," writes Chris, "it's just too bad that option is 'No'."


"This camera and its 14 petabyte images must be the ones they use on those CSI shows," wrote Bryan Slatner, "now I just need the software to do a cool zoom-in effect to read a license plate off of a gnat's eye reflection."


Neil spotted this "hidden" dialog in HP Quality Center.


"I went to set up Wi-Fi on my O2 mobile data card," notes Matthew Brierley, "thankfully, the software wanted to make sure I entered a *really* secure WPA key."


"I bet you wish you had the storage capacity of my Ipod touch," wrote Ian.


"Hmmm," wrote Josh Smith, "I sure don't remember choosing 'The resource bundle i18n/snapfish/snapfish_us/en/resources/store/shippingdescription' at checkout."


"I wonder what banging my head on the screen would be interpreted as?" wrote Phil S.


"I spotted this at Gander Mountain," wrote Patrick, "when I saw the first one, I thought it was an isolated instance. Then I realized it wasn't; more than half looked like this."


Error’d: A Minor Error

"I was a bit worried when I received an alert from the bank telling me that my balance went bellow $25," Mike, "I called the bank to see what was going on, and they chalked it up to a 'minor' error. I'd sure like to know what a major one is…"


"At first I thought the 800×601 requirement was a bit odd," wrote Odi, "but then I realized that my 800×602 resolution should have been more than adequate."


"One of these flip-flop thumbnails is far more appealing to me than the others," wrote Modano, "see if you can guess which one."


"I spotted this while waiting at my local McDonalds drive-thru," Christopher Scholfield writes, "I told the attendant I didn't order that, she didn't quite get the joke."


"My credit card expired, so I thought I'd delete the credit card registration," Karsten wrote, "or not."


"My friend is an old school hacker and has been online for quite a long time," wrote Johnny, "but I'm pretty sure he wasn't idle that long."


"Based on the unit price," Sam writes, "my local grocery appears to have found a supplier of infinitely heavy salami."


"So, which is it," wonders Joey, "or if the error message has been APPROVED, what was the actual message?"