The .EU Landrush Fiasco

The .EU landrush fiasco. A bumbling registry allows Europe’s very own domain name to be highjacked! From Bob Parsons blog, CEO and founder of

Some comments about it:

The .eu registrations were a complete farce – Registers that are set up for the sole purpose to register domains for themselves for personal profit should not be allowed – These people should be closed down and the hundreds of thousands of domains that these scammers aquired from manipulating the system that was supposed to be in place to avoid this should be re-released to the public of Europe.

Check this List!!!

All the providers with LLC in their name are based in new york, with the same phone number !!!!

Visit also to understand more.

Well done…

Important change announce

After running for so many years on open source software for non profit individuals and organizations, now meets current top marketing strategies and is a corporation registered in Panama.

Thus, installed Windows 2003 and IIS and is porting WordPress into Visual Basic .NET. If you want to participate in this port, you will only have to wire a modest fee to our offshore bank accounts. First price is $10,000.

Mary Huana,’s new CEO, announced to journalists: “The main drawback with open source software is that you have to worry about esoteric things such as chroot or file permissions or understand how your system works. With Windows 2003, you don’t have to understand how your system works, all you have to do is to click, buy expensive hardware and software and rent consultants. Now my main worry is getting back home when spending a day at the casino.
Apr√ɬ®s tant d’ann√ɬ©es de fonctionnement avec les logiciels open source pour des associations or particuliers sans profit, est maintenant conforme aux meilleures strat√ɬ©gies commerciales et est maintenant une soci√ɬ©t√ɬ© enregistr√ɬ©e √ɬ† Panama.

Ainsi, a install√ɬ© Windows 2003 et IIS et est en train de porter WordPress en Visual Basic .NET. Si vous voulez participer √ɬ† cet effort, vous n’aurez qu’√ɬ† effectuer un modeste virement vers notre compte bancaise offshore. Le premier prix est de $10,000.

Marie Huana, nouveau pr√ɬ©sident de, a annonc√ɬ© aux journalistes: “Le principal d√ɬ©faut du logiciel libre est qu’il faut s’inqui√ɬ©ter de choses √ɬ©sot√ɬ©riques comme le chroot ou les permissions de fichiers et de comprendre comment un syst√ɬ®me fonctionne. Avec Windows 2003, nous n’avons plus √ɬ† comprendre comment le syst√ɬ®me fonctionne, il suffit de cliquer, acheter du mat√ɬ©riel et logiciel cher et de louer des consultants. Maintenant, ma pr√ɬ©ocupation principale est de rentrer √ɬ† la maison apr√ɬ®s avoir pass√ɬ© la journ√ɬ©e au casino.

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