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Error’d: $$.$$

Error’d: $$.$$: “

“The little sticker next to the ATM said that the fee shown on the screen would be assessed,” writes Matt, “I guess if I have to ask what $$.$$ is, I can’t afford it.”


“I really am not sure what to make of this,” Nick Hartley wrote, “do I owe them nothing or not?”


“I haven’t known anyone to have this type of tree in their yard,” writes Brian, “I might need to do more research before getting it.”


“Oh, makes sense, I can’t install Office Project 2011 32-bit, so let me switch to the 64-bit edition,” Aaron wrote, “… well then. They could have just said I couldn’t have it in the first place.”


“This is from a company with direct access to my credit card account,” notes Adam Thompson.


Craig Mulvaney spotted this at an ATM in Newcastle.


“Apparently, my payment is 2011 years overdue,” writes Petr O., “I wonder what the interest for $0 USD is going to be…”


Paul Collins writes, “I just finished installing Lenovo Fingerprint Software… do I install Lenovo Fingerprint Software?”


“I hope it’s not that important,” writes Brendan L.



(Via The Daily WTF.)

CodeSOD: The Query of Despair

Jeroen's colleague had the misfortune of being assigned to debug an intermittent, unspecified error in the one of the oldest of the legacy applications. "The good news is that I've isolated it to a database query," he told Jeroen, "the bad news is that I've isolated it to a database query."

Knowing that his colleague wasn’t a big fan of databases, Jeroen offered his assistance. In response, he received the following image.

"I don't think anyone can help me," the his colleague wrote.

Inner Peace

If  you can start the day without caffeine,

If you  can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If  you can resist complaining and  boring people with your troubles,

If  you can eat the same food every  day  and be grateful for it,

If  you can understand when your loved  ones are too busy to give you any time,

If you can take criticism and  blame without resentment   ,

If  you can conquer tension  without  medical help,

If you can relax without  liquor,  

If  you can sleep without the aid of  drugs,  


 …Then  You Are  Probably   ………


               The  Family Dog!

InnerPeace dog

Thanks Janet B