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  • Introduction to Policy Routing: article written in English and French about Policy Based Routing example implementation.
  • Inside a PIX Firewall: an old Cisco PIX firewall opened description, in English and French
  • Introduction to some network medias: french article introducing Network Media used in the 90s.
  • Security:

  • Non security risks: french page about security risks in the society
  • UNIX & Linux:

  • ACER Aspire 1510 1513: How to setup Debian GNU/Linux (amd64 based) on a laptop ACER. In French (translation on demand).
  • Introduction to UNIX commands: French article introducing to UNIX commands.
  • POP3 Protocol with Telnet: Most common commands used to read, list, authenticate and delete e-mails using a telnet command
  • (More content to come)

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